Cardinal 1.jpg

Created & performed by Mitchel Rose & Madeleine Hall
Directed by Mitchel Rose

Premiered: 2016 Ottawa Fringe

A clown show about Alzheimer's! No, really. Two clowns are in a tug of war over the omnipresent but invisible man. One as Memory, one as Disease, they illustrate the heartbreaking and hilarious realities at play when tug of war turns to capture the flag in a mind unraveling at the hands of a crippling disease. HAHAha...ha...

The ongoing development of this project has been made possible by the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.

"An early contender for one of the best shows at this year's Fringe." -The Ottawa Citizen

"Cardinal is a powerfully affecting, clown-based journey into Alzheimer’s disease… The show is compassionate, insightful and sometimes very funny as it tries to laugh valiantly at the disease. Most importantly, it’s true. " -The Ottawa Citizen

"This show is brilliant." - Brie MacFarlane, New Ottawa Critics

"Go see Cardinal. Even if you don't like clowns see it anyway - it might change your mind." Ian Huffman, New Ottawa Critics

WINNER: Emerging Artist Award - Ottawa Fringe





Written & performed by Madeleine Hall
Directed by Mitchel Rose

Premiered: 2017 Ottawa Fringe

a solo study in human connection;
a unique blend of storytelling and movement;

a tribute to our startling impermanence.

The creation and ongoing development of this project has been made possible by the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.

"An incredible storyteller...From beginning to end, this show was spectacular." Apartment 613

"One of the most honest and touching personal explorations I’ve seen brought to any stage." New Ottawa Critics

"Hall, who has an eye and ear for the telling detail...and possesses a lovely sense of movement, creates a full, compelling portrait of the ever-practical Ethel. In doing so, she shows us the ordinariness and enormity of death amid the ordinariness and enormity of life." Artsfile

"With Hall, every movement and decision is deliberate, creating a polished and effective piece of theatre, and also somehow matching her description of Ethel—a woman who thought that every object has a function, even the pretty objects: 'You see it, you smile.'" Kingston Theatre Alliance

WINNER: Outstanding Production - Ottawa Fringe
WINNER: Outstanding New Work - Ottawa Fringe
WINNER: Pick of the Fringe - Kingston Fringe
WINNER: Best Play - Apartment 613
WINNER: Best New Work - Apartment 613
NOMINEE: Outstanding New Creation - Prix Rideau Awards


Little life


Directed by Pascal Huot
Performed by Pascal Huot, Madeleine Hall and Mitchel Rose

Premiered: Cucalorus Festival 2017
Early release: October 2017 via Exclaim!


"Little Life is a music video inspired by the early experiments of Norman McLaren in film and animation. Ashes rise from the dead to create an awe-inspiring trance. What is there after nothing? Singing consciousness as the ego dances away. A dance with the end.

"Every rhythmic pulse draws the atoms closer. Particles swirl in sensuous motion. Patterns of static reanimate and fall back into dust. The use of slow motion, variable-speed imaging, and special effects transform dancers into abstract devices. Vitalized by music, they hold on to dear life. They are memories replaying, emotions fighting, your life flashing before your eyes.

"Little Life features the voice, face, song, and direction of Pascal Huot. The music is an original composition by Huot and his songwriting partner, Julien Dussault, recorded and released by Pony Girl in 2015. "Little Life" appears on Pony Girl's album Foreign Life (So Sorry Records)."




Created & performed by Madeleine Hall & Mitchel Rose

Premiered: Fresh Meat 6

Two Foley artists (or are they?) are scoring their latest piece. Join them as they- tap tap. Wait. Creeeeak. Who- shuffle shuffle SCRANG! You? Drip, drip. Silence. Shhhh. AHH! Hahaha...ha. Cue music!

"Small gestures speak volumes in this delightfully imagined and expertly performed show that relies on the practiced talents of Hall and Rose. The narrative is completely contained within two characters creating a soundscape for a drama that just becomes funnier and funnier." Capital Critics Circle

"Folie is a small window into what goes into creating sound effects as well as being fantastic physical comedy." Apt613


"OH NO!" said the parrot

OH NO! said the parrot - credit LOG Creative Bureau.jpg

Written & directed by Mitchel Rose
Performed by Mitchel Rose & Madeleine Hall

Premiered: Fresh Meat 5

"Hello room. Hello air. Hello girl! Oh look a chair! Hello cage. Hello TV. Hello creepy pink Airbnb. Hello laughter. Hello fun. Hello parrot whispering, “RUN!” Knock knock! HAHAha…oh no…”

"'OH YES!' said the critic." New Ottawa Critics

"The stand-out of the evening...calls to mind the cartoonish antics of Scooby-Doo, the physical high jinks of I Love Lucy and the strange, surreal tension of David Lynch." Capital Critics Circle